Dari Mana Anda Mula Mengenali Islam? Oleh Ikhwan Ng

FB POST: DARI MANA ANDA MENGENALI ISLAM FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME    Pada 18 July 2021 saya ada bertanya soalan berkenaan dan alhamdulillah ramai yang memberi comment.. Di sini … Read More

Hidden Writer by Ikhwan Ng

“Your father and I are feeling very upset with you, how dare you publish your conversion to Islam into magazine? Do you ever realize that the whole world will be … Read More

Another Chinese Mualaf ~ Muhammad Ikhwan Ng joins the MBA!

The Muslim Bloggers Alliance accepted a new member on the 9th of February 2012. He is Muhammad Ikhwan Ng. A 27 years old Government Servant. Has 3 blogs. Namely: http://ikhwanng.blogspot.com … Read More

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