The Hijab Fetish: Hijab Makes Couples Horny by Dr. Afiza Azmee

ON FEBRUARY 25, 2010 BY AFIZAAZMEEIN LIFE AND ITS COMPLICATIONS, THE LIFE OF A MED (NOT MAD) STUDENT The Hijab Fetish? The title of this post is intriguing. Controversial MUCH? Trust me, it’s gonna get … Read More

O Companion Most High! By Dr.Afiza Azmee

ON JUNE 2, 2017 BY AFIZAAZMEEIN IT’S A BEAUTIFUL LIFE, MY ARTLEAVE A COMMENT O Companion Most High O Companion Most High, As his head rested on his wife’s thigh, … Read More

Hail the new addiction MO! by Dr. Afiza Azmee

Hail the new addiction MO! by afizaazmee God doesn’t give you what you ask for. What you want doesn’t simply materialise from the great blue sky. Life doesn’t work that way, alas. … Read More

Logic and Religion by Dr.Afiza Azmee

And all these time I kept thinking “Takkanlah hangpa semua belajar medic, berhempas pulas tak tidoq malam, langgah ayaq kopi bercawan-cawan PURELY for the sake of Allah? Mesti niat hangpa nak pass exam juga kan? I mean….come on! Get real here, please!”

‘Marhaban Ya Ramadhan!’ by Dr.Afiza Azmee

Insya Allah, this will be my second Ramadhan in Malaysia after five long years of being in Australia. I have always loved the month of Ramadhan. As a kid, the … Read More

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