TAPE MERAH oleh Cikgu NurAliya Yeoh

Episod 17: TAPE MERAH Saya ada sebab tersendiri mengapa saya pilih untuk memeluk Islam di Pusat Islam, USM. Setelah peristiwa di pejabat agama 10 tahun lalu, saya tak mahu lagi … Read More

The Sad Case of Ustaz Ebit Lew – Envy & Enmity amongst the ‘Religious Teachers’

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. I am sure that almost everyone here in Malaysia has heard of Ustaz Ebit Lew and his unprecedented acts of charity and reaching out to help all … Read More

Cegah Sebelum Parah oleh Haji Maarof Kassim

                                                            … Read More

Covid-19 and it’s various effects on our 2020 lifestyles

We are now living in a MCO [Movement Control Order] environment as a result of the Coronavirus @ Covid-19 global pandemic. It has in a very unprecedented way, change how … Read More

Enliven our Salat by Sister Nur Sakeena Thomas

Salat is one of the greatest gifts from Allah for His servants. It is also an obligation for all Muslims to perform salat. The distinction between a Muslim and a … Read More

American Muslimah’s Musings – Swipe Right For …

Dear Reader, So I have plunged into the world of internet and app dating and boy has it been a wild ride so far. I originally just started with … Read More

Bila Fitnah Berleluasa – Kisah Ahli WhatsApp Grup Surau Buat Dosa!

Friday, April 3, 2020 Dia dedahkan niat jahatnya Dulu kawasan lapang di mana kononnya saya bermain ‘drone’.   Kisah bermula pagi semalam bila saya lihat kumpulan WhatsApp surau taman perumahan … Read More

Would You Marry You? by Saleena A.Kader

At times, we take for granted the things that Allah has granted us, one of them being our spouse. While others are still searching for a halal relationship in a … Read More

Islamic Blogging. How effective is it?

Frankly speaking, there are not that many Muslim Bloggers who are still interested in sharing the truth about Islam to the masses nowadays. Maybe they are suffering from what I … Read More

Allowing Children to ask Questions – Inspirational Story as a Parent

Since the first time Tariq question me about the science video he watched showing human are from monkeys, we have always taught Tariq to question everything that is not consistent … Read More

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