Malaysia’s Syariah Sexual Offences Laws rendered obsolete?

A Malaysian Syariah lawyer friend of mine shared his worries with me recently as to how our local Malaysian Syariah Court rulings are being overruled by the Federal Civil Courts following the application by a convicted sodomite who happens to be a Muslim, on grounds that the Selangor Syariah Court’s ruling is inconsistent with the Malaysian Federal Constitution.

Looks like Malaysia’s Syariah Court has lost its bite and adulterers and fornicators who happen to be Muslims can now file their cases to be thrown out because the Federal Constitution doesn’t recognise the Syariah Court’s authority in ruling on sexual offences committed by Muslims. 

Still, the sodomite who chooses to fight his legal battle in the Civil Courts is in for a nasty surprise. According to my Syariah Lawyer friend, the Civil Court is harsher in its punishments compared to the lame laws of the Malaysian Shariah Courts.

Imagine, the sodomite’s seeking to escape from the Syariah Courts authority only to get himself whacked more harshly under the Civil Courts system!

He is lucky though for over here, the ruling authorities are of the following type.


True Shariah laws however would impose the Death Penalty upon those proven guilty of sodomy. But since, Malaysia is infamously known as ‘Bolehland’, adulterers and fornicators can do as they please because the Shariah Courts have been made to be like toothless tigers. 


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