JAKIM can do better in Dakwah activities during Ramadhan!

Every year, we see the same scenario at the Ramadhan bazaars throughout Malaysia. Huge crowds of people, thronging the areas where food traders and customers jam pack the bazaars like crazy!

Ramadhan Bazaar

This is an opportune time where JAKIM @ the Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia [Malaysian Islamic Development Department] can play an amazingly effective role in disseminating true Islamic information to the teeming crowds.

Whilst their attention is towards buying whatever foods and delicacies for their Iftar [breaking of fast] at the end of each day during Ramadhan, surely the Muslims thronging the Ramadhan bazaars can benefit by listening to broadcasts by the mobile Dakwah units of JAKIM!

It’s practical and will surely be beneficial to the Malaysian Ummah, who go and shop at these bazaars.

Where there’s a will, there will surely be a way! Instead of letting, precious time just go to waste at these Ramadhan bazaars, why not utilize modern technology and play useful informative media by using these digital 3D led billboards and broadcast beneficial content to the otherwise distracted crowd, who are usually negligent of their ibadah at the Asar time.

Most of the food stall traders are said to miss their Asar prayers because they are focused on selling their food items and not bothered to carry out their religious obligations and run their Bazaar Ramadhan business concurrently.

It can be done. JAKIM can even provide a mobile Surau / Masjid for the Muslims to settle their solats. Traders can take turns to pray their solats. Just takes a few minutes. 

The Japanese and Indonesians have come up with these innovative mobile Masjid trucks which have proven to be quite useful for practicing Muslims. 

The current Malaysian Government professes to run a ‘Madani’ government. Surely, they can try to live up to such a claim. If not this year, JAKIM can do this next year. 

Dear JAKIM, please don’t let our precious Ramadhan just slip by without taking advantage of the opportunities to really do good for the Ummah! 

You can if you want to upgrade the quality of Muslims lives here in this so-called Muslim nation. 

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