Surviving these End of Times onslaught of tests.

The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam forewarned us who are living 14 centuries today after his death about the period when we will be ruled by the worst amongst us. He prophesied truthfully that the ones who are ruling over us today will consist of those who are not worthy to rule over us.

It is proven that what our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam prophesied has come to be and we who are his ummah ought to be prepared to watch out for ourselves. Reason being that those in power over us are downright corrupt and have abused the power and position which has been given to them.

If you look at the kind of persons who are in power over many countries, chances are that you will discover that they are not squeaky clean as far as true rightful leaders should be.

When the citizens are living in poverty and hardships, there are these ‘Rulers’ who drive about in luxurious automobiles or gold-plated supercars, flaunting their wealth.

Watch this example:

Such a far cry from what the Blessed Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam decreed that the leaders of his ummah must live a modest lifestyle and put the welfare of the people first.

Malaysia is unfortunate to have so many royals and monarchs in power. Too many overheads in providing such luxurious lifestyles for them at the nation’s expense. We fail to learn from the fall of the Caliphates of the past.

All of the country’s Heads of States live an opulent life, and their focus is mostly on the trappings of this earthly life than in the Hereafter.

You don’t see any of these ‘Heads of Islam’ go about preaching to the people about Islam as they are not really learned in the matter. Those who are supposed to be the Mufti’s or Religious Department heads do not do so either.

As a result, most Malaysian Muslims are clueless about how to live life as true Muslims and instead put up a facade of being so. They might dress modestly in outward appearances but as far as knowledge of Islam and practicing it, is sadly lacking substance.

If you are a Muslim, please study about Islam from the readily available authentic sources, both online and in real life. ‘Seek knowledge even if it takes you to China’ is a saying attributed to the Blessed Prophet.

Nowadays, you just need to click on to the Search Engine on your smartphone or computer and connect to the internet. Make the effort to empower yourself.

To study the Quran, go to

To learn the Hadith, visit

Everything is so easily available yet, most Muslims here in Malaysia and elsewhere are distracted by the attractions of this temporal earthly life. 

Don’t wait till it’s too late!

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