The USA, UN and the OIC too, have Palestinian blood on their rotten hands!

The USA is the main supporter and arms supplier to Netanyahu’s murderous Israeli Zionist occupying regime now bombarding and massacring the Palestinians in Gaza and at the West Bank in East Jerusalem.

Serpent-tongued Joseph Rubinette Biden Jr. replaced the White Supremacist Donald J. Trump as America’s 46th President promising to undo the damage that Trump did. Instead, as it has always been with all other US Presidents and Senators, Biden turns out to be just another lackey of the Zionist regime.

All these lame duck, heads of state and so-called leaders of the UN and OIC are just too yellow bellied to dare face the Zionists! They just whimper before the TV cameras, asking the Ummah to pray ‘Solat Hajat’ and pray beseeching Allah for help!


Allah has revealed in the Quran that He will not change the Fate or Destiny of Mankind until Mankind strive to change their fate themselves! Meaning, get up and fight! Protect your own lives and those whom you love. Lift up your weapons and fight for what’s yours!

Problem is, the Ummah of today are mostly engrossed with their love of this life and couldn’t care less as to what takes place, over there in Palestine. Unless there arises a leader as brave as Salahudin al Ayyubi or Umar al Khattab to lead a Muslim Army and go teach the Zionist Israelis a lesson.

We only have Turkish President Recep Tayyib Erdogan rattling the sabre at the moment. The others are safeguarding their gonads afraid that they might shrivel away as we speak! Cowards!

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