Ramadhan Mubarak 1442 AH to all Mukminins and Mukminats!

In the Name of Allah, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

All praises be to Allah, Our Supreme Creator and God Almighty for allowing us to once again enjoy the Nikmat [Blessings] of Ramadhan al Mubarak, the Blessed Month of Mercy and Purification of our Nafs [Desires] and Reformatting our Soul to be as Pure as when we were born.

There are amongst our dear families and friends who have returned to Allah lately and those who have suffered health complications such as stroke and other debilitating diseases or afflictions. Let us pray for their full recovery and be blessed with good health once more.

We are living in the second year of the Covid 19 pandemic.  Life is not as it used to be for us before this. Today, each and every human being is required to adorn a face mask whenever we venture out in public.

Severe consequences await those who refuse to obey the health authorities ruling and some have even been killed, assaulted, and injured as a result of confrontations due to their wilful disobedience towards the mandatory wearing of face masks to avoid the spreading of the Coronavirus.

So, please be responsible and follow the Standard Operating Procedures set forth by your relevant Health authorities wherever you live. Do not invite misfortune and misery by choosing to go against the flow and succumbing to your ego. Being defiant is not wise and will just expedite your demise from this life.

The MBA wishes you and your loved ones a Blessed Ramadhan and prays that Allah, Ar Rahman, Ar Rahim will shower all of us who observe the do’s and don’ts of this sacred month of self-purification with His Maghfirah [Forgiveness] and Baraqah [Blessings].

Ameen. Ya Rabbal Alameen.







Haji Zainol Abideen,


Muslim Bloggers Alliance.

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