Ramadhan ~ Benefits and challenges for fasting Muslims.

Ramadhan as most people nowadays regard it as a month where Muslims fast from before sunrise to sunset has in a way been commercialized as far as how things are here in Malaysia.

There are many benefits that we get when we fast between the breaking of dawn and when the sun sets. They are:


When we fast, our body gets a chance to burn off accumulated fats and toxins. Chubby folks get to shed a few kilos from their weight provided they don’t forget themselves when breaking fast at sunset. It will render your fast meaningless when you stuff yourself crazy till you get bloated like an anaconda which has just swallowed a deer or something. Go easy and remember not to go overboard.

In a way, fasting during this Covid 19 pandemic has reduced the chances of you losing your mind at the Ramadhan bazaar where there are just so many varieties of food and drinks being sold that all the fasting of the day will just go to waste as you buy this and that till you can’t carry no more.

Bad for the tummy when everything looks so yummy. Not a clever idea to go splurging on food during Ramadhan. Defeats the purpose. Don’t turn into a glutton when you have problems when trying to button. Thought your aim was to be healthy? 😛

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I see a tendency for quite many Muslims to focus only on carrying out food business at the various Ramadhan bazaars and not really bother about the spiritual or religious aspects of the most sacred month in the Islamic calendar.

It’s been 10 days into Ramadhan and already we hear Aidil Fitri celebratory songs being played over the sound systems at supermarkets and malls. Even before the onset of Ramadhan, these shopping centres have already put up Aidil Fitri decorations and sales promotion banners.

Muslims need to be careful not to splurge and spend unnecessarily. In these challenging times, we need to be cautious when it comes to frivolous shopping sprees. Money once exchanged hands is not going to return to our wallets or bank accounts. It is not compulsory to change every curtain, furnishings, or furniture every Hari Raya! Ramadhan is supposed to be a month where we curtail our Naf’s. Not feed it.

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