Allah forgives us of all our sins except Shirk ~ Worship of anything else save Him!

Over the years, we have come across news and reports of people who commit suicide and destroyed themselves over remorse or helplessness. Quite many of these persons are those considered to be celebrities and materially very wealthy and rich people.

They chose death to be their only way out after failing to find an answer to their problems or coming to a dead end, in figuring out what to do in this quite hectic life nowadays. Sadly, there are also quite a number of those who are identified as ‘Muslim’.

Usually, when investigated further, these so-called Muslims are those devoid of true faith or knowledge about Islam. You see, a true, knowledgeable Muslim, male or female, young or old, would not resort to killing themselves because we have this sense of surrendering ourselves to the Will or Taqdeer of Allah.

As shown in the video above, the TV Host is so relieved to learn that Allah forgives all sins except the Unforgivable Sin of Shirk ~ the act of associating something else with Allah in worship.

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Verily, Allah, our Most Merciful, All Knowing, Supreme God and Creator will not leave us clueless and lost in this Life! Therefore, Allah sent to us, His Final Revelation, to guide us to His Salvation, The Al Quran. Via, Prophet Muhammad, Salalah Alaihi Wassallam, His Greatest Messenger to all of Allah’s Creations, throughout His Universes.

He gave us the Faculty of Thought and Reasoning. The ability to learn and use our acquired knowledge and intelligence to benefit ourselves and other creatures which need our help and assistance.

Yet, many fail to realize what we have today at our grasp and foolishly choose to take the easy wat out by ending their life in stupid ways. Do not despair or lose hope for Allah is there for us, no matter how screwed up we are.

Watch how emotional the following reverts were when they embraced Islam, the birthright of all Mankind:

As I type these words here, there are at this moment, countless numbers of persons declaring their Shahadah [Declaration of Faith in Allah as the One True God and that Muhammad is the Final Messenger and Servant of Allah]. They are being cleansed of their sins, all sins after becoming a Believer in Allah and His Messenger.

Let’s watch the following video showing three Christian priests who embraced Islam and are today amongst the most prominent Callers to Islam.

No matter how much one has sinned or strayed away from the righteous path, he or she can find Salvation by submitting to Allah and starting life afresh, clean, and free from sin. This is promised by Allah and we must passionately believe in Allah’s Salvation.

I think that all those who killed themselves or put their miserable lives in harm’s way did so because no one shared with them about Allah’s Mercy. They were lost and lonely. Despite the immense wealth that they possessed in their name, they were devoid of the love and compassion to bring meaning to their lives. The Endless Love which only Allah can give.

So, dear readers, please do your best to help convey the truth of Islam and that the Endless Mercy of Allah awaits those who strive to seek His Salvation by sharing with them who need direction and purpose in their life.

Insya Allah.

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