Watch what took place at the early stages of Muhammad’s Mission?

To know how it must have been for Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam and his Companions to spread the Truth of Islam in Makkah which was under the rule of the Quraysh Pagans, please watch this historic movie produced and directed by the late Moustapha Akkad.

Great acting by screen legends such as Anthony Quinn who played Sayyidina Hamzah, the paternal uncle of the Prophet.

Other casts are as follows:
Irene Papas as Hind
Michael Ansara as Abu Sofyan
Johnny Sekka as Bilal
Michael Forest as Khalid
Garrick Hagon as Ammar
Damien Thomas as Zaid
André Morell as Abu-Talib
Martin Benson as Abu-Jahal
Robert Brown as Otba
Rosalie Crutchley as Somaya
Bruno Barnabe as Umaya
Neville Jason as Jaafar
John Bennett as Salool
Donald Burton as Amr

Please share with your family and friends. It would be an act of Dakwah, Insya Allah.

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