The Sad Case of Ustaz Ebit Lew – Envy & Enmity amongst the ‘Religious Teachers’

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

I am sure that almost everyone here in Malaysia has heard of Ustaz Ebit Lew and his unprecedented acts of charity and reaching out to help all those who are suffering as a result of the ongoing Coronavirus @ Covid 19 pandemic, sweeping across the world, killing hundreds of thousands of people, regardless of their ethnicity, beliefs or social standing.

As we have been ordered to remain indoors at our homes or residences, there are many out there who are homeless and exposed to the many dangers, both seen and unseen, as they shiver in cold or sweat it out, facing the uncertainties of life on the streets.

Ustaz Ebit Lew, a Malaysian Chinese revert to Islam and philanthropist religious teacher is well known for his unprecedented approach to bringing the wayward youths and those shunned by society due to their immoral lifestyles and ways, back to the fold of Islam and his subtle manner by which he conducts his Dakwah to all levels of our Malaysian society.

Never before has any Malaysian Muslim religious teacher taken such bold and resolute steps to befriend and guide those who were in actuality, social outcasts for being homeless street urchins, transvestites and prostitutes who were literally creatures of the night, to realize that despite all their screwups and misguided lifestyles, Allah still loves them and will accept them if they repent and start life as Believers all over, once again.

It’s easy to condemn and castigate those who have strayed away from the path that Allah has commanded us to follow ~ to be a good human being and Believer in Him. Yet it takes tremendous commitment and courage to do what Ustaz Ebit Lew has done. Invite the LGBT community back to the Truth of Islam. Witness:

It’s not impossible for those who had become a transvestite to return back to becoming their true self.

All it takes is some effort and support from those who are sincere and really want to change for the better.

Ustaz Ebit Lew has been going out to help even the Orang Asli community and as we can see, his manner of giving out supplies and groceries to the poor citizens of this country is very endearing and he greets them with honorable terms like ‘Kakak’ @ Sister, Abang @ Brother,  Pakcik @ Uncle or Makcik @ Auntie and he says that here’s a ‘Hadiah’ @ Gift for them.

He doesn’t use the word, ‘Sedekah’ @ ‘Alms’ which would offend them as even the poor and the needy at times would not want to accept any such charities if such terms are used. This is the way a proper Da’ie @ Caller to Islam should go about in his or her mission to help the unfortunates.

The next video really tugs at my heart strings! A very poor suffering family had been living in very deplorable conditions, wallowing in filth and unhygienic surroundings yet  no one, no one has done anything to help them out. Watch and weep!

Ustaz Ebit Lew has even reached out to the Frontliners such as the Medical Staff at the Hospitals, Police and Army personnel manning the Road Blocks, even Fishermen out at sea.

Has any of the so called Ustaz out there been willing to go out and invite others to Islam? Watch how Ustaz Ebit Lew helps those who have been searching for ways to embrace Islam finally get to declare their faith in Allah!

Watch how he guides the wayward youth back to being Muslims!

He approaches the homeless, staying under the bridges, to not forget Allah. To pray and worship Allah and slowly but surely get back on their feet and be well again.

Yes, there are many, ‘holier than thou’ types preaching from the Masjid’s mimbars @ pulpits or on the glamorous religious forum stages or televised forums who do not really practice what they tend to preach.

Those of us who have been and are in our own way still active in the field of Dakwah al Islamiyyah, know these characters, who despite putting up a religious front or façade of being religious figures and ‘Callers to Islam’ are really ‘proud and arrogant devils in disguise’.

I have personal experiences of dealing with such kind. Yet, being aware of the sin of disclosing the ‘Aib @ Shortcomings’ of those concerned in open to the public, tend to just leave such matters to Allah the Almighty and work towards improving myself. It is not for me to expose the charlatans and the wrongdoers to the society for one is also not impeccable either.

Yet, in the sad case of Ustaz Ebit Lew, who has volunteered to go out and help suffering Malaysians regardless of their ethnicity, beliefs or circumstances, he has become a victim of an envious person calling himself as Ustaz Abu Shafiq, who has accused Ustaz Ebit Lew of bringing shame to the poor by exposing them to the social media and has even labelled Ustaz Ebit Lew of being a Kaffir @ Disbeliever!

Imagine that!

Watch this envious so called ‘Ustaz’ lambasting Ustaz Ebit Lew!

Has this faultfinder ever done what Ustaz Ebit Lew has been doing? Inviting others to Islam in the true manner that Allah Azza Wa Jalla and His Final Messenger, Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam enjoins?

Giving hope to even the ones facing the Death Penalty in the Prisons?

All I can say is that we should all pray that Allah strengthens Ustaz Ebit Lew to be able to remain strong and keep on doing what he is good at. Help others and carry on doing the excellent work that he is now well known throughout the world for.

May Allah bless Ustaz Ebit Lew with the best of this world and grant him Jannahtul Firdaus in the Yaum al Akhirat. Ameen.

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