Covid-19, foretold in the Qur’an, has come to pass.








We are the people who have been foretold as those who live in the Last Ages. It is in our times where this pestilence, this Corona virus @ Covid-19 pandemic is wiping out hundreds and thousands of people who had no idea as to what has caused them to die.

For those of us who believe in the Final Revelations of Allah, we take it all in our stride with full conviction without question. Those who are hypocrites and musyriks are free to answer for their disbelief later in the Yaum al Qiyamah.

To the rational Mukmin, whatever is happening now is part and parcel of cause and effect. Majority of Mankind has been causing much harm and damage to humans and the Earth through their indiscriminate pollution and causing tremendous devastation to the Environment, Flora and Fauna. Many species of wildlife have become extinct and rainforests are increasingly being deforested as a result of human greed and apathy towards Mother Nature.

Over in Indonesia, people are starting to drop on the streets and going into fits as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.


May Allah protect us from this pandemic and help those who have been infected by this deadly Covid-19 virus.


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