Allowing Children to ask Questions – Inspirational Story as a Parent

Since the first time Tariq question me about the science video he watched showing human are from monkeys, we have always taught Tariq to question everything that is not consistent with the Quran and what we teach him..

So when that day Tariq asked me,

Mama.., is Stone Age real..?… I knew he has doubt.

And I could guess where that doubt come from.

So I took a deep breath and said..,

Well Tariq.., Mama not really 100% sure if Stone Age exist.. maybe it does… from the tools they found etc..

But Mama doesn’t believe that was how human look like during that time..

For example, Mama doesn’t believe human just wear small patches of clothes, looking semi naked, messy and dirty etc etc

Yes Tariq too!, said Tariq excitedly

Tariq think… how can human look like that because Prophet Adam teaches all his children to pray..

… and when they pray they surely take wudhu so they must be clean… and surely they cover their aurah when they pray.. so they cannot wear like that..

Right kan, Mama..?

And just like that, Tariq made me feel so wonderful inside..

That he is thinking.. and yes he is questioning.. alhamdulillah!???

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