Dr. Zakir Naik ~ Caller to Islam via Comparative Religious Dialogues.

Dr.Zakir Naik

I am sure that you know who Dr.Zakir Naik is? He is at the moment, the most talked about Caller to Islam in today’s world, who is quite feared by those Hindu, Christian and other Non Muslim heads of religion for being able to debate and defeat most of them in Comparative Religious forums,etc.

He has taken up Permanent Residence here in Malaysia because the Indian Bharatiya Janata Party led Hindu majority Government has issued an arrest warrant for him on charges of money laundering and inspiring acts of terrorism. Fearing a biased judicial outcome based upon the history of PM Narendra Modi’s involvement in inaction when the Gujarat Hindu massacre of Muslims took place, I can understand Dr.Zakir’s staying put here in Malaysia. Safety first!

The world needs to be fair when it comes to judging a person who strives to clear the misunderstandings about Islam through his public discussions and dialogues carried out in an open public discourse. Anyone of his critics is free to step up and stand before a microphone and ask him questions related to the topic or subject of his speech. He or she can go ahead and prove him wrong if they are able to, right before the hundreds if not thousands of his audience.

Problem is, most of them don’t even dare to do so. All they are prone to doing is to vehemently protest and castigate him when gathered in groups but none dare do so before him in any public forum or speaking function which he regularly holds here. Why?

Why do they not dare to do so? One of the reasons could be that they do not possess the knowledge about their own professed faith or have it in them to be able to speak point to point against him in a professional and educated manner. They usually do not know in depth about what their own scriptures or ‘holy books’ contain. Hence their animosity towards the learned Dr.Zakir Abdul Karim Naik.

There is a saying that ‘Knowledge is Power‘. Thus, those who lack such knowledge fear Dr. Zakir Naik for his knowing more about whatever faith that they claim to profess and are reluctant to challenge him in an open platform such as his public events which are held quite often.

As a fellow Muslim and Caller to Islam in my own way, I fully support Dr.Zakir Naik in his vision and mission to share about Islam, the birthright of every human being here on Earth.

Insya Allah.

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