Malaysian Muslims Dilemma

Today Malaysia’s 14th Supreme King was officially installed as the nation’s Constitutional Monarch. The King is also by Law regarded as the ‘Head of the Islamic Faith’ here in this so called Muslim nation.

Quite a contradiction really when we all know that the country isn’t ruled exactly according to the Syariah Laws of the Al Quran or according to the enjoinments of the authentic Hadiths of the Blessed Messenger of Allah!

What we have is more of a facade of Islamic superiority when in actuality it is the Constitution of Malaysia which are based upon the British Secular Laws which still prevail over the Kingdoms of Malaysia.

Yes, you read me right! Kingdoms! 9 Malay Sultanates taking turns to rule as the Yang Di Pertuan Agong @ Supreme King every 5 years on a rotation cycle.

On paper, it all looks very smurfy but in reality, the King is just a constitutional monarch. The real power is wielded by the Executive. Namely an elected Prime Minister who heads the ruling coalition of political parties who won in the General Elections. Funny isn’t it?

For all the pomp and the pageantry that goes hand in hand with the royalty sitting in state, the real deal is that it is the PM who calls the shots!

Now, here in Malaysia, Muslims are finding it tough to get someone to speak up for their faith or to clear up any misconceptions that involves the religion of Islam. The enemies of Islam here in Malaysia are having a field day wreaking havoc every now and then by making inroads into the sanctity of Islam and raise endless issues after issue just to make life miserable for the Believers!

Not one leader or ruler has the guts or the spine so to speak to champion the cause of Ad Deenul Islam! Not one Supreme King of Malaysia has been on record to have actually exercised his powers to stamp out the menace of Islamophobic rabblerousers out there amongst this nation’s political circus!

I for one don’t see this scenario changing for the better with the installation of the latest ‘Head of Islam’! I’m a bit more interested to see what the Deputy Head of Islam of Malaysia @ the Sultan of Kelantan is going to do when he takes over as the 15th Supreme King of Malaysia for he is reported to be religiously inclined?

In the meantime, its every Muslim for him or herself! Just stick to the dictates of our True Faith as commanded by Allah the Almighty and enjoined by His Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam!

Malaysian Muslims Dilemma is that we have no one amongst the so called ruling elite whom we can depend on at the moment!


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