Truth is just an illusion by ACP (Rtd) Haji Osman Abu Bakar

Guilty or Not Guilty?

Guilty  or Not Guilty?

The nation will again be kept on her toes when  the decision of this infamous sodomy trial involving former Deputy Prime Minister,Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (DSAI) is announced. A sequel to a similar story occurred more than a decade ago that tore the nation apart. The sensational case of 1998 has in fact divided the general public into three factions. One faction of society swayed strongly to DSAI side, convinced that he was merely a victim of a grand conspiracy by the government while the other faction strongly believed that DSAI was indeed involved as charged. While a small  faction, the fence sitters who chose to remain neutral. These three factions exist everywhere, in the public sector, the private sector and even in institutions of higher learning.

How did all these come about? The cause, to me, was rather obvious.The judgement passed then created a turbulence that led to this segregation of opinions. Whatever the situation my humble opinion points to the failure in the line of actions taken by the police on that matter.  Probably a KGB like operation would have saved the nation unnecessary embarrassments and avoided the present  political scenario. The unprofessional handling of the whole matter in 1998 was the main cause that threw us into this cauldron of uncertainty.The constant political upheavals too drained our financial resources. In short a Chua Soi Lek type of operation would be more effective to have the devil exposed and  this situation we now face totally avoided.

By the way, I wonder in the Chua Soi Lek’s escapade, who was the smart Alex who executed his operation so smoothly that his identity remained intact to this very day? Phew! Probably he was trained by the KGB? Well mister mysterious, whoever you are you surely is my kind of man and you would have been my first choice candidate for the post of our intelligence chief.So much for that, whatever has been done cannot be undone.Just like the Malay proverb  ‘nasi dah jadi bubur’ that’s exactly the situation we are in.It’s best we  look forward for the sake of unity and security of this country. A thing easier said than done all  due to the failure to react appropriately when the 1998 case was known.

Come 9 Jan 2012 ,what do we expect next? We know the outcome of the case of 1998 which later swung in favour of DSAI who was then released from his ‘Sungai Buluh residence’. The aftermath of this thriller saw the birth of ‘Reformasi’,’Parti Keadilan’,’Hindraf’ and other movements including   “Bersih”. 9 Jan 2012 is just around the corner and the pro DSAI supporters are already charting the course of actions to be launched and drumming up support to get DSAI released. The other faction too does not just sit down with folded arms and watch things go by.They too probably have plans of their own. Notwithstanding which way the verdict goes found guilty or not guilty, a turbulence will definitely further reshape our political landscape.A not guilty verdict too will interpret that DSAI again was an innocent victim of a grand conspiracy.A jubilant mood among the supporters with shouts of ‘takbir Allahu Akbar’ will surely and constantly echo aloud wherever this man, once the Deputy Prime Minister chose to visit.

D-day Jan 9

9 Jan 2012 is the time we wait for the second tidal wave concerned with the recent case of similar nature and charges preferred against DSAI by his ex aide. Though lots of controversies surrounded the investigation into this case, the honourable judge, will have to come to a decision after careful scrutiny and review all the evidences and facts presented  before him, A tough decision but someone has to do the job, don’t they?

Of course we will again face yet another complex situation.As law abiding citizens of  this beloved country we need to react in a manner that will not bring unnecessary disruptions to our daily lives.Planned demonstration will further strain our financial resources and create difficulties to the general public,As peace loving people we have to accept whatever the outcome may be.Those dissatisfied with the decision or the present government can use their executive rights when the next general elections comes and hope that we Malaysians can put our differences behind and come together once again like we once used to be. Phew! This is easier said than done.

For the members of the Royal Malaysia Police  in the Klang valley, it means bad news as usual leave will be frozen and all are to be on’ standby’ a word hated by most serving in the Klang valley. But nothing to complain as members of the Royal Malaysia Police must realise that their responsibility to the nation is not a walk in the park which I learnt during my training days. Since 1998 street demonstrations and assemblies became a common affair.

Oh yes, don’t forget to tune into the next episode of “Did He Do It?” concerning the controversial sex video clip that should be next after this episode, or is it just going to be filed away?

Lastly as a humble Muslim and just back from the holy land I always pray to Allah swt for the truth to prevail and when this happen  it can be painful but like it or not, the truth is the truth and has to prevail. Instability and chaos will only bring miseries and therefore I again pray for  Allah swt to protect this beloved country, avoid any catastrophe and  let us enjoy progress,everlasting peace and above all racial harmony. Amin


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  1. Excellent usage of old school English Tuan Haji Osman!

    Sincere heartfelt points of view, I must say.

    Whatever it is, we’ll all be witness to whatever the verdict is gonna be on the 9th of January, 2012.

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