Mahaguru58’s Haj Journey ~ Part 1

mahaguru58 at th kelana jaya

I had checked in at the Kelana Jaya Tabung Haji Complex on the night of Wednesday, 19th October, 2011 after getting a call from Tabung Haji HQ at KL that I was listed to be amongst this year’s TH Pilgrims for Haj 1432 Hijrah.

TH Kelana Jaya Assembly Hall

After going through the procedures and checking in my luggage and collecting my passport which I had earlier handed over to Tabung Haji for Haj Visa processing, I was ushered in to the TH Kelana Jaya Assembly Hall where other pilgrims were also assembled. Each of us already in our Ihram unstitched garments. We had earlier taken our Sunat Ihram Bath and conducted our Solat Sunat Ihram.

There was a festive atmosphere at the complex and earlier on, I had bid goodbye to my darling wife. I was the one who was a tad emotional realizing that it’s gonna be a month or more before I would be seeing her again and I had tears in my eyes.

My wife asked me to be strong and reminded me that I was going on my Haj. The 5th and final pillar of Islam. Her words of encouragement beefed me up and I fortified my mind that Insya Allah, I will be returning to her as a Muslim husband who had completed all my obligations to Allahu Ta’ala and will be much more better than I ever was as a husband and Da’ee.

This was a photo of myself taken before departing for KLIA.

This is the Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 747 jetliner that we were to board on our Haj flight to the Holy Lands.

A self portrait of myself in the Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 747 before the flight taking off to the King Abdul Aziz International Airport at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The in flight monitor screen showing us arriving at the Arabian Peninsular. The plane used to belong to Japan Airlines. There were Japanese words popping up on screen.

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