MBA welcomes Haji S.Mohamed from India as our newest member

Assalamualaikum dear MBA Brothers and Sisters,

Please join me in welcoming Brother Haji S.Mohamed hailing from 1/277.Thai Colony,Vadakarai,Periyakulam Post, Theni-Dist.,Tamilnadu,India.

Haji S.Mohamed is a 59 years old Herbalist and practitioner of Alternative medicine.

His life story is actually quite interesting and also one that is sad for he has been robbed of his shining moment by the usual culprits whom we can only label as the ‘Little Napoleons’ over there in his home district of Kodaikanal, a hill station and resort area similar to our Cameron Highlands, here in Malaysia.

Kodaikanal (Tamil: கொடைக்கானல்) is a city[2] in the hills of the taluk division of the Dindigul district in the state of Tamil NaduIndia. Its name in the Tamil language means “The Gift of the Forest”.[3] Kodaikanal is referred as the “Princess of Hill stations” and has a long history as a retreat and popular tourist destination. It’s a lot cooler in temperature than lower elevation cities such as Chennai.

Kodaikanal was established in 1845 as a refuge from the high temperatures and tropical diseases of the plains.[4] Much of the local economy is based on the hospitality industry serving tourism.

You can learn more about the trials and tribulations that Haji S.Mohamed had to go through by visiting his blog Garden Villa – Islamic Village here.

From what I can sense is the ‘never say die’ attitude on the part of Haji S.Mohamed as he battles bureaucracy in his home state and fights against all odds to make life a bit more better for him and his loved ones plus the general population of his home state if not country, India.

He has been a social worker and started an NGO named ‘Institute for Cultural Unity’ way back in 1976. At the end of 2000 he started his Ayurvedic Treatment Centre named Kodaispa in Kodaikanal Town. PanchaKarma” is the type of Ayurveda treatment that Haji S.Mohamed embarked upon. He ran the Kodaispa from 2002 till 2006.

Haji Mohamed has fully engaged in the field of Alternative Health Care and written a thesis for his Alternative Medicine titled“Eastern Philosophy of Mind-Body interaction and the Herbal Mind Set of Tribals in Kodai Hills”.

As a part of this thesis- a Preliminary Study was conducted to find out and identify the herbal plants located in the Kodai Hills. Around 104 species of herbs were identified. Out of these, 30 Herbs were found to be indigenous and commercially viable to be farmed and harvested to be processed and sold as alternative medicine.

Unfortunately, it was later discovered that these valuable herbs were being rooted out illegally by unauthorized parties.

To preserve these herbs Haji S.Mohamed formulated a project proposal under the scheme of “National Medicinal Plant Board, Government of India”.

The central theme of that project was to declare the Herbs as the wealth of the local community in front of the Honorable President of India – so that nobody could not procure these Herbs without the knowledge and permission of the local community.

As usual the higher officials were in favour of Haji S.Mohamed’s project but he couldn’t convince the local officials into supporting him.

Mr. Hussain, The Assistant Director of Horticulture, Kodaikanal and his team rejected Haji S.Mohamed’s project proposal out-rightly and the project came to an abrupt end.

The usual hasad and envy of those who can’t allow others to succeed and prosper. Hmmm..

We have the same problem over here too, Haji! The demons in human form are everywhere around the globe.

Due to this pain as well as to take care of his children’s education, Hj Mohamed shifted his family to Periyakulam, a small Town on the foothills of the Western Ghats bordering the neighbouring state of Kerala. It is one of the most fertile places in the state of Tamil Nadu. Agriculture is the primary occupation for the population here. It is also known as the “Mango City”, as a major supply of mangoes from this city goes into Tamil Nadu’s mango output.

Haji S.Mohamed leased out his Pancha Karma Treatment Centre to a Keralist Ayurvedic Group. Due to his financial crises, he was forced to sell his Kodaispa Building in January 2008. Hence the Kodaispa came to an end.It stands on the bank of the ‘Varaha’ (in Hindu mythology, Lord Maha Vishnu’s Boar incarnation) river. It is a fertile area that has an annual supply of surplus rainfall. The villages of this district are T.Kallipatti, Vadugapatti and Melmangalam, that are also located on the banks of the Varaha River.

Haji S.Mohamed’s family comprises of 13 households, settled in different places after his marriage. They were forced to sell their 40 Acres of cultivable land in the Kodai Upper Hills.

As a result of his having to deal with many Real Estate Agents, Builders and Plot Promoters. In the process of the selling of his family’s landed properties, he ended up as a Realtor himself.

Thus is the life story and struggles of our latest MBA member. He has gone through the gauntlet of fire, having had to deal with those who do not care of destroying the chances and opportunities of others in their greed and arrogance of holding temporal authority and governmental power here in this world.

He is now into real estate and also farming herbal medicinal plants to continue his jihad to earn a living and provide for his beloved family.

On behalf of the Muslim Bloggers Alliance, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you sir and wish you all the best in your future undertakings and hope that you will continue to blog about the progress of your herbal farms and the situation of Muslims living there in the hill resorts of your home area.

Personally, I love seeing all those wonderful scenes showing your home hill resorts when I did my Google search for images of Kodaikanal.

Kodaikanal is truly beautiful and I am sure would be a great place to grow and farm your herbal gardens. I’d love to visit your hill resort if I have the time and the means. Insya Allah.

What a shame that Mr. Hussain, The Assistant Director of Horticulture, Kodaikanal evil heartedly threw a spanner in your works! He will get his dues, Insya Allah.

Never mind him, Brother Haji. You just go ahead and go achieve your dreams. Prove to the fella that he was wrong in denying you your vision and noble mission. I am sure that with your firm attitude and aptitude, you can still achieve what you first set out to do!

We who are now your MBA brothers and sisters will make do’a for your success. Amin Ya Allah! Amin Ya Rabb!

In the meantime, you are most welcome to share with us your news and views by posting to the e-group here.

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Once again, Welcome to The Muslim Bloggers Alliance.

May Allah bless us all and make life for us a bit more better both here in this life and in the next, Insya Allah.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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