MBA welcomes ACP Osman Abu Bakar (Rtd) as its newest member!

It is my pleasure to introduce to you, our newest registered member of the MBA, Retired Assistant Commissioner of the Royal Malaysian Police Force, Tuan Osman Abu Bakar! Tuan Osman … Read More

MBA welcomes Wan Mohd Sharif Wan Ali as its newest member!

Assalamualaikum dear MBA members, Please join me in welcoming Brother Wan Mohd Sharif bin Wan Ali as our latest registered MBA Blogger. Brother Wan is a 57 years old Geophysicist … Read More

Hijabkini by American Muslimah’s Musings

Many Muslimah’s like myself.. who are plus size struggle to find ways to be modest and be able to join in fitness activities. My main form of fitness for more … Read More

MBA welcomes Haji S.Mohamed from India as our newest member

Assalamualaikum dear MBA Brothers and Sisters, Please join me in welcoming Brother Haji S.Mohamed hailing from 1/277.Thai Colony,Vadakarai,Periyakulam Post, Theni-Dist.,Tamilnadu,India. Haji S.Mohamed is a 59 years old Herbalist and practitioner of … Read More

MBA welcomes Azizul Abdul Karim @ KINGZUL as its latest member

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh to all MBA members. The MBA is now blessed with the entrance of a computer and IT expert into our alliance with the registration of Brother Azizul … Read More

MBA welcomes Dr.Norshinah Kamarudin, our latest member!

Assalamualaikum dear MBA Bloggers, It gives me the greatest pleasure to introduce to you and welcome our latest registered member, Dr.Norshinah Kamarudin (photo) to our alliance. Dr.Norshinah, 51, is a … Read More

Khir Toyo’s bungalow purchase contravenes Surah Al Baqarah 2:188!

I have been following the case of the former MB of Selangor Dato Seri Khir Toyo’s extremely discounted bungalow purchase fiasco since the matter went to court. Frankly speaking, I … Read More

Forbiddance to Observe Perpetual Fast by Md Radzi Ahmad

Forbiddance to Observe Perpetual Fast In the name of Allāh, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful; All the praise and Thanks are due to Allāh, the Lord of the al-ā’lamīn. … Read More

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