‘Let’s Tambah Bini’ by Kata Kama.

Newspapers recently reported a well-known tuan guru calling for people of religious standing (he specifically mentioned ulamak) to embrace polygamy with even more zeal by taking additional wives, especially single moms.

Somehow, he seems to be inordinately concerned with the increasing number of janda (divorcees), ibu tunggal (single mothers) and andalusia (old maids) in our midst, for he lamented about the latter days after airing his rather skewed thoughts about the former.

His solution? Ulamaks should help stem the tide by increasing their bini (spouse) quota. Why ulamak? Because he reckoned only they can help provide spiritual guidance to these ‘unfortunate’ women, to prevent them from falling by the wayside.

How insulting to the jandas and their ilk. What good will that bring if the only change an abandoned family ever experiences is spiritual overdose preached by someone else’s husband whose alternate reason for his presence in the household is to fulfill the mother’s sexual need?

These women don’t need a husband if all he can offer is himself. I can bet my bottom dollar they have no problem coping with the absence of a sexual relationship. They have a well-functioning cold-storage system, Mr Ulamak, and they hold the switch, thank you.

They can darn well keep the lid on their sexual needs without having to sell themselves short, Mr Ulamak. They are more concerned about getting those kids decently fed, clothed, sheltered and schooled than getting a poke, Sir.

The absence of a prick (the appendage) is hardly an issue; the absence of the prick who fathered those kids, who eventually left them to fend for themselves, is.

I have a better idea, Mr Ulamak. Maybe you should look into WHY these women became single moms in the first place. Let me steer you in the right direction; spousal abandonment is the operative term here, Sir.

Maybe you should TEACH these men to be more responsible towards their family, that it doesn’t do to walk out on one’s wife and kids to disappear into thin air when times are hard, OR when a new model comes along offering what seems like an exciting ride.

Stop worrying about these single mothers, Mr Ulamak. They are made of sterner stuff. They are like the phoenix, they have the ability to rise from the ashes. They don’t admit defeat, they love their children unreservedly and would sacrifice their all for them.

Don’t lose sleep over them Mr Ulamak, for they have balls, although I can’t say the same for some of your kind, especially the ones who err with impunity…

PS: Congratulations to ‘Bung’ for taking a starlet off the marriage market. May her star brighten, her pocket deepen, her life sweeten; and may they find happiness. My sympathy, however, lies with the one grieving in Kinabatangan..

To read the comments which Hajjah Puteri Kamaliah has received in relation with this article, do visit her blog here.

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