The Cane Mutiny… By Kartika, With Shahrizat, Then Bar Council… Lagi?

Monday, August 24, 2009

By Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah bin Sanusi.

I’m disgusted by the Kartika Canning Saga. First of all, this woman was caught drinking, which is an offense for Muslims. It does gall me though how easily some Muslims get caught (then sentenced) for drinking, and how some get away with it being a chic trendy activity of the ‘upper class’.
One drinker (since taubat? I dunno…!) was even known to have been Chairman of a Halal Forum!

Such hypocrisy should offend all Malaysian Muslims!

OK, so lets forgive our religious establishment a while and give them the support to carry out this punishment against this offending woman. But then no… lets not!

A whole bunch of liberals, both real and pretentious, including the ever confused Sisters in Islam, started crying foul on the ‘cruel’ punishment of whipping a woman under Syariah.

Their voices were lent further ‘weight’ by the leaders of both major Malay Muslim parties, Datuk Seri  Shahrizat Abdul Jalil for UMNO and YB Dr Lo’Lo’ Ghazali from PAS.

Rather disappointingly, all this defense for the offending woman was done in ignorance.

All this complaining was done without finding out what Syariah whipping by the cane is like, thinking it’s like the vicious whipping by cane regularly sentenced to drug dealers by the secular courts.

When the Syariah authorities revealed how relatively mild Syariah caning was, the PAS lady rather embarrassingly withdrew her protest! DS Shahrizat just went mum for a while…

In the meantime, whilst the world press got to enjoy bashing Syariah Law… again… as well as Malaysia… again… the person who seems to be benefiting from all this is… the offending woman!

She is now seen in full glamor, on the front pages of newspapers, walking at her kampung, waving to people, she’s everywhere!

She is supposed to be shamed by the punishment, instead, she’s reveling in it! Even her father gets quoted in the press!

As a friend remarked on Facebook,”Any 5 minutes of fame is always good for a part time model what?!! After this she should be receiving a lot of modeling offers, I am sure…”


Now we have two extremes coming out of the Pakatan or quasi-Pakatan side of the political divide:
  1. Selangor Pakatan Exco and PAS Commissioner Datuk Dr Hassan Ali, fresh from hugging Ronnie Liu in front of DS Anwar Ibrahim, has given the state’s Mosque officials power to nab Muslims drinking alcohol! HO HO! Not sure really whether this is because of the Kartika case, seeing as the offending woman was nabbed in a BN state (!), or if it is Round 2 of the state DAP vs PAS slugfest!
  2. Bar Council President Ragunath Kesavan, in response to fresh news that the punishment will be postponed to after Ramadan, and perhaps in heat with the chance to bantai our Syariah courts, which is NOT Bar Council territory, declares he wants ‘whipping’ abolished! One wonders whether he feels the same about the more vicious mandatory whipping sentence against convicted drug dealers? If so, why not declare something earlier on that?

In the end, all these people are declaring this and that to get the same thing Kartika is now getting, a chance to be prominent in some way…


Dah la tu! This is between her and Allah! The religious authorities are just facilitating this and her family has at least ‘shown her the light’!


But nooo… the saga continues! Sure punya…

Amnesty International, an organization that has singularly failed to achieve any change in the world, but continue to get money by pretending to achieve stuff, now has jumped into the band-wagon!

Please-lah Amnesty, go achieve something more meaningful first lah, like stopping Palestinian kids and babies from being killed by the Zionists, then maybe we and the rest of the world will listen to you more… No need to butt into our small local drama …

So, ‘siapa lagi?‘, who else wants to wade into this one?


Keith said…
Kartika was not whipped, because you can’t whip someone unless they are imprisoned.

Kartika cannot be imprisoned because it was not part of her sentence.

So the Syariah Judge should be blamed for having such simplistic view of the law.

Don’t blame Kartika you spineless twit, she was willing to be caned, it was the authorities that could not execute it, and prolonging a saga that Kartika would prefer to get over with.

Blame the religious authorities, not Kartika.

Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah bin Sanusi said…
Keith. You missed my point, you twit! Read again and sus it out before calling others names!

Hang Tuah said…

facilitate my a*s

Ralfie said…
Western people are enjoying this and taking this opportunity to bash Islam. It’s nice when there are among Muslims who support their actions. For me the biggest hypocrite would be the US since they couldn’t even handle their own Guantanamo prisoners and resort to barbaric torture practices. Does anyone say anything about that?

Azuar said…

Excellent example of a guy who says that it is OK to be a monkey because the person is a monkey too. America uses torture so we can whip, whipping is mild compared to torture :p

We are Malaysians so we will comment on what is happening in Malaysia, if you want to comment on America, go become an American :p

donplaypuks® said…

Justice must be tempered with mercy.

Where is the quality of mercy from the judges in dealing with a first time offender, and at that a lady, for an infringement that is personal and does not involve a huge billion $ fraud, robbery, assault, drug running, rape, incest or murder?

This caning must be stopped. It must not take place as it will further tarnish internationally Malaysia’s reputation as a democratic and laissez faire country!!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

SSS said…

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Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah bin Sanusi said…
donplaypuks. Stop interfering. This is a matter for the courts to decide, not the public. Democracy has limits which we the people insist on – non-interference of the courts in the pursuit of justice… by ANYONE!

A more intelligent comment from you would be to ask Kartika to appeal… as DS Najib, who DOES understand, has advised her…

We are of 1 race, the human race. Hence respect each others rights! Why don’t you?

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