JAKIM can do better in Dakwah activities during Ramadhan!

Every year, we see the same scenario at the Ramadhan bazaars throughout Malaysia. Huge crowds of people, thronging the areas where food traders and customers jam pack the bazaars like … Read More

UAE and Bahrain’s ties with Israel ~ Middle East Domino Effect in Progress

The Middle East region consisting of the constantly bickering Arab nations has always shown how distrustful they are of each other since Time Immemorial. The Arabs since the days of … Read More

Dari Mana Anda Mula Mengenali Islam? Oleh Ikhwan Ng

FB POST: DARI MANA ANDA MENGENALI ISLAM FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME    Pada 18 July 2021 saya ada bertanya soalan berkenaan dan alhamdulillah ramai yang memberi comment.. Di sini … Read More

The USA, UN and the OIC too, have Palestinian blood on their rotten hands!

The USA is the main supporter and arms supplier to Netanyahu’s murderous Israeli Zionist occupying regime now bombarding and massacring the Palestinians in Gaza and at the West Bank in … Read More

Google blocks mahaguru58.blogspot.com! Zionist Media Attack!

My main blog at https://mahaguru58.blogspot.com has suddenly been BLOCKED by GOOGLE! Reason being so obvious! Google is owned by those who are affiliated with the Zionist regime of Israel! They … Read More

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