Logic and Religion by Dr.Afiza Azmee

Knowledge s Key-Nouman Ali Khan-Malaysia Tour 2015

Never have I ever been more interested in my religion until someone inspiring and oh, so logical, explains it the way Nouman Ali Khan explains it. He is the man! Haha. I think that if I had a religious teacher like Nouman Ali Khan growing up, I might be more invested in religion than I did before. And I personally also adore Dr. MAZA. He makes sense. It is important to people like me that our religious teachers and authority figures make sense and they get bonus mark if they are also efficient in their instructions to us.

We like people who make sense. In fact I would go so far as to say that I could love them. Truly, madly, deeply! Hahaha.

Okay, the You Tube video above is quite long. But the most important part(that I am going to talk about in this post) is explained by Nouman Ali Khan from minute 19:30 onwards. So if you are pressed for time, just srcoll until you reach that part…it was sooo enlightening and something I had been struggling with since I was an IB student in KMB when I first heard my naqibah in KMB told me “Kita kena buat semua benda niat kepada Allah. Baru dapat pahala. Kalau tak sia-sia kita buat.”

And all these time I kept thinking “Takkanlah hangpa semua belajar medic, berhempas pulas tak tidoq malam, langgah ayaq kopi bercawan-cawan PURELY for the sake of Allah? Mesti niat hangpa nak pass exam juga kan? I mean….come on! Get real here, please!”

(And knowing me, even though I can fake and pretend as good as the next person, but I am very self-aware about what I really feel and what I really think. Really, I can fake acceptance, liking, enjoyment, extraversion….I have learned how to do it. I just don’t like to do it constantly and consistently and therefore would limit the time I have to spend with people who make me feel like I have to pretend or suppress. And with most religious teachers or authority figures, I have gotten so used to suppressing my inner thoughts because when I voice them out, I feel like an alien. Tapi bila balik bilik sembang dengan kawan-kawan, semua orang pun sebenarnya pikiaq benda yang sama ja dengan aku. Exactly the same thoughts! They just didn’t have the need to point it out to their naqibah as much. But I did…so that was my problem!)

And sometimes the usrah mates will organize a ‘jalan-jalan’ around Australia which they term as ‘Jaulah’. They also told me that we should correct our intention and travel for the sake of Allah. So maybe, if we travel for the sake of Allah, we get pahala. And if we just say ‘kita jalan-jalan’ (instead of saying ‘jaulah’ with the right intention) then we only get the ‘dunya and not the akhirat’.

And deep inside, I was  thinking “Aku boleh nak guna term ‘jaulah’ untuk cakap yang aku nak pi jalan-jalan. But really, aku pi jalan-jalan sebab aku memang nak jalan-jalan lah! Susahlah aku nak pi kalih niat aku jadi for the sake of Allah pula. Pening weh!”

I had a friend who told me that when she first met her husband, she fell in love with him for the sake of Allah.
Aku macam skeptikal jugalah. In my mind, I went, “Hang dok whatsapp/message dia malam2 tu for the sake of Allah ke? Macam pelik jer. Hahah.”

When you say you smile to me for the sake of Allah, what do you mean? I don’t smile at people for the sake of Allah. I smile at people because I am genuinely happy to see them.
Does that make me a bad person? Not akhirat-oriented enough, maybe?

Then, I thought, I might be so dunya-oriented that I could not even pretend that I was doing everything for the sake of Allah. I was so conflicted by it that I actually wrote a blog post about it when I was a senior HO, reminiscing on my conflict of interest all my life with regards to my lack of PURE INTENTION.(cognitive dissonance, folks!) The post that I wrote then can be read H.E.R.E.

Reading back the post, I wish that I could have found the YOU TUBE video above sooner to soothe my conflicted confusion and my cognitive dissonance at that time. Really, we should stop making people feel guilty about their real intention. Just listen to the video from the minute 19:30 onwards! It’s such an eye opener that makes so much sense, I wanted  to weep with relief. You won’t regret the time spent! That video is a gem!


This brings me to the topic of logic and religion.

I believe that religion should make sense. No, I am not talking about the matter of ‘perkara ghaib’ (jin/ syurga/neraka/israk mikraj/mukjizat).

But in matters of general principles and creed and jurisdiction, it MUST make sense. It MUST be fair and just. It MUST be justifiable through logic and dialogue. You MUST be able to reason it out! You MUST! Otherwise, it would create the sort of cognitive dissonance that would turn people away from the religion.

If a concept in the religion does not make sense, then there are usually a few reasons for it:

  1. Your own maturity and knowledge is lacking to be able to perceive the truth in it
  2. It was misrepresented by the ustaz/ustazah
  3. It was a fake hadeeth.
  4. It was an Isra’illiyyat story that has no basis in Islam.

And truly, religious people like to tell us that we are ‘reason number 1’ when we question them, rather than look at reason number 2, 3, and 4.

When I was in KMB doing my IB studies, another religious 2nd year senior told us the story of “Hassan Al-Basri Dan Wanita Cantik.” in a religious gathering. I am sure we are all familiar with that story. Let me simplify the story to jog your memory.

Hassan Al-Basri ternampak wanita cantik berpurdah berjalan-jalan di pasar. Terpesona dengan mata wanita itu. And keep following her around. Akhirnya wanita itu korek biji mata dia dan hadiahkan kepada Hassan Al-Basri. At last, wanita itu mati. (in other narration, wanita tu tak mati) Kononnya inilah wanita yang sangat warak kerana rasa bersalah kecantikan matanya menyebabkan lelaki tergoda. Lebih kurang macam tulah kisah dia. Pi google kalau nak tau lebih detail dan lanjut. Just type “kisah hassan al basri dan wanita cantik”.

When I heard the story, I squirmed in my seat, feeling sooooo ….angry!  Angry that I had to accept this story “because it is religious”. And also feeling guilty that I felt angry about this religious story. I questioned my iman for not accepting that story as religious. I went back to my room and ask my roommate the rational of the woman to korek biji mata dia and at last dia mati (?cause of death ?was it profuse bleeding? Garghh…I don’t know!).

I ranted to my roommate “Hello! Bukan salah dia lelaki tu suka kat mata dia. Dia dah berpurdah. Dia dah cover everything. Mata pun nak kena cover juga ka? Bila pula lelaki tu sendiri nak kena sedar diri nak tundukkan pandangan? Kenapa korbankan deria penglihatan kau…sampai kau mati pula tu…kau just nak prove a point ke apa ni? I just don’t get it! Awat perempuan tu buat macam tu?”

And on and on I went. (My INTP trait was showing. Once we latch on a topic that mystifies us, we just can not stop)

My roommate was well-versed with my habit of ranting out when things don’t make sense or illogical…pasrah ja dia mendengar. Hahaha.

When I went to Australia, I learned from another naqibah that that story is an Israilliyat.

Darn it, I knew it!!


Another story that I struggled with (also in KMB, my goodness! KMB is number one IB school in the world during my time. We were the best! Tapi tengoklah….ada doktrin2 yang pelik2 kat situ)

Perempuan pertama yang masuk syurga sebelum anak kesayangan Nabi S.A.W, Siti Fatimah, ialah seorang isteri bernama Siti Mutiah yang sangat taat kepada suami sehinggakan dia akan sediakan makanan berserta rotan kepada suami dia. Kalau makanan sedap, it’s okay. Kalau makanan tak sedap, rotan itu akan dia serahkan kepada suami dia untuk pukul punggung dia. (Go and google Perempuan pertama yang masuk syurga bersama Siti Fatimah)

I actually struggled with myself SO BADLY about this story, that I wanted to kick something (or, rotan someone) Hahah. And guess what, it is a fake hadeeth. (Tip Religion 101: if things don’t make sense it’s a fake hadeeth or it’s Isra’illiyat. Remember this until your final breath!)

And you know what? That story contradicts with  hadis sahih about wanita pertama yang masuk syurga. Tak tersenarai langsung Siti Mutiah! Ada empat wanita pertama masuk syurga: Khadijah Khuwailid, Maryam Binti Imran, Asiyah (isteri Firaun), dan Siti Fatimah.

Mai mana Siti Mutiah??! Come on! Stress aku!

I know I may not look like I am so religiously knowledgeable. My dressing is not so alim kan? haha. But I read a lot!  Beyond medic, beyond fiction…I make myself read other things for the sake of a well-rounded knowledge. Benda yang aku tak puas hati, semua aku pi baca balik (when I am interested enough).

And I learn through multiple repeated experience, that religious concept MUST make sense. When it doesn’t make sense, something is fishy somewhere and you better find out before letting yourself be sucked into the delusion.

So aku sangat tak suka kisah-kisah yang konon ‘ada nilai-nilai murni’ tapi hangpa reka sampai orang boleh misinterpret and menyebabkan fitnah kepada agama. Can you imagine if the two stupid stories above were told to non-muslims? Wouldn’t our religion look bad in their eyes? And that is the reason why Nabi Muhammad S.A.W said very clearly:

“Siapa yang berdusta di atas namaku, hendaklah dia menyiapkan tempatnya di neraka”.

So, most people would just shrug their shoulders and said “Ala, ni kisah untuk pengajaran. Tak payahlah hang nak ambil pot sangat. No need to be so intense. Yang baik kita ambil. Yang buruk, kita tak payah ambil”.

Hahha. Inilah orang-orang yang akan menyebabkan aku lagi meluat. Personality clash habis! Aku pula  yang kau kata intense? Kau yang tak sensitif dengan penipuan menggunakan nama Nabi. Tempat kat neraka tu, tak payah nak intense ka? Aku bengang kot kena tipu macam tu! Macam mana kalau aku ni jenis lemah iman and terus question the authenticity of my religion because of these stories? Think about it! Do you think nabi saja-saja habaq yang berdusta atas nama dia masuk neraka? The impact of such stories is HUGE!

So really, I am not intense! You are the one who do not posses critical thinking and too blunted! Or maybe, you just don’t care enough to feel anything, anyway. Kan?


You only bother to be intense about things that affect you directly; like your cheating husband, your naughty drug-addicted sons, your annoying parents and siblings. Your world revolves around them only, you are like a katak bawah tempurung who cannot venture beyond what you deal with daily…and you feel nothing about higher concept like truth, justice, fairness …well, until untruth, injustice and unfairness happen to you. Waktu tu baru you nak intense la kan? Because it affects you directly. When it doesn’t affect you, you just don’t care.

(And I really cannot stand this sort of shallowness in others. I can’t. This sort of people remain my acquaintance and can never be upgraded to close friends. Because we care about different things. And I guess, that’s okay, too. I mean, not everyone is the same. Some people are the diplomats of the society, some are the warriors of the society, some are the thinkers of the society, some are the feelers and empathizers of the society. And everyone is equally important. It’s just that, due to those differences, some people can never be ‘your people’. They are not meant to have a seat in your table. And you should just wave them along in their own journey and you continue with ‘your people’.)


I do believe that the best presenter is someone who imagine himself/herself presenting to a hostile audience. Imagine me as your audience. Imagine the loudest, the most critical, the most intense person questioning you after your presentation.

And prepare your talk exactly for such audience. (Of course when it comes to religion, people like me have learned to suppress our logical thoughts from you. Takut kena label. But we do go back home and debate it out among friends, you know. At least, among my set of friends, we do that a lot.)

Have you ever watched a debate?

You have to prepare your talk with evidence and convincing arguments as though your audience will debate you out. Prepare your religious talk as though you are presenting it to a non-Muslim who does not have any obligation to sooth the tone of his/her skepticism about this religion! Only then, you would be able to know that your talk may not be up to snuff! At least, not to educated, professional people.

(I am not saying yang aku ni educated sangat, terer habis. No! But with the two stories above, it doesn’t take an educated people to feel uncomfortable about it. Not educated pun boleh fikir. Budak-budak pun boleh fikir yang this is weird. Talk to the kids who have such pure conscience and have not yet learned to suppress their thoughts for the sake of political correctness. They would say“Tapi mama, kenapa dia korek mata dia? Lepas tu dia mati lah, mama? Kesiannya dia…” So it’s not about your level of education yang menyebabkan kau boleh detect kepelikan dalam cerita macam ni. Just listen to your own conscience! Listen to it! Listen to your fitrah. Cumanya, orang yang educated lebih berasa ‘the urge’ untuk tanya kau balik. sebab diorang lebih konfiden. Kalau kau untung, dia mungkin tak malukan kau depan audience and ask you privately.)

When I was preparing for my departmental audit competition, I remember that my supervisor told me that I was over-thinking my points. “Afiza ni pikiaq banyak!”

I thought and re-thought my standard criteria over and over again like an obsessive freak. Why? Because I imagined a hostile jury and a hostile audience who would question my audit! Of course I did! It was a competition and I wanted to win. I prepared my audit report with hostile juries in mind.  Lucky me that my supervisor was so pateint and able to tolerate my neuroticism even though sometimes I was too argumentative with him and… yeah, intense. Hahaha.

And Alhamdulillah, we won the first place for that competition. They said that my report was complete and they had nothing much to ask and only wanted to clarify a few points. When I entered the HSA competition, again we won the first place.

So, prepare your work with a hostile audience in mind! This is especially important to religious leaders. We do not want to misrepresent our religion, do we?


On a lighter note, someone told me “You marah sangat dengan cerita tu sebab you takut you kena rotan selalu ke setiap kali sediakan makanan?”

ROFL. Yeah, what a funny person!

I am not exactly a Masterchef. Really.

But I do cook at home. I just never bothered to tell people that I cook. Seriously, mana ada orang grad oversea tak pandai masak. Makanan halal mahal kot nak beli hari-hari. At least basic cooking tu pass lah. Hahah.

But I don’t feel the need to impress anyone with my cooking. Not even any prospective future husband I might or might not have. The best I have to offer to others is my thinking and my brain and my style of conversation which not many people with different wavelengths can adapt to. That’s the best I have about me. If you are not gonna be impressed about that, then nothing else about me will impress you and I have too much pride to even try to adjust myself for anyone. I don’t do that.

I am not willing to.

I know what I want in a friend and in a partner and in a conversationalist. Someone who thinks like I do and has values and principles that I have is what I want. Otherwise, you are just not ‘my people’. So, why bother to talk about cooking (unless you are the one doing it) when I am more interested about thinking (yours and mine)? My cooking is a bonus only. Not my duty! The task should be negotiable (or scheduled. Hahah)

When people ask me, do you cook? I said, no! I only eat. Haha.

A cook is not the noun for me.

A doctor is my noun in partial.

A reader and a knowledge-seeker. Those are my nouns in full.


I have to be thankful for all those ‘perasaan tak puas hati’ that I felt towards so many religious figures in my life. They made me want to seek better and then I found more than I can ever dream of. I may not be a perfect Muslim but really, Islam is the best thing I have in my life when I know it in depth.

Every misconception I have about the religion appeared into my life for a reason. It made me wonder and dig deeper through all the dirts and end up finding the real gems in the ummah. Those like Nouman Ali Khan, Mufti Menk, Sheikh Eesa Niamatullah, Omar Suleiman, and Dr. MAZA. You would notice that most of them are not local. I just think that International speakers speak the same thing but with better logic and better analogy. Ironically, I found my better self when I was in Australia where Muslims were the minority. The culture of knowledge there is so so vastly different than in Malaysia. There is no problem for you to question your lecturer there.

In Malaysia, kau argue dengan lecturer or boss, kau memang saja menempah maut. (So, tu pasal aku anti-authority and avoid them.)

I leave my dear readers with a quote by Yasmin Mogahed. This lady has a way with words that speaks directly into my heart, and I hope yours as well.


Ramadhan Mubarak to all Muslims!

Ramadhan Greetings

Today, those of us who are Muslims started fasting our Ramadhan Fasts as commanded upon us by Allah the Almighty!

Ramadhan is the month during which the Glorious Quran was revealed to Allah’s Final Messenger, the Blessed Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam by way of direct conveying of Allah’s Divine Revelations by Archangel Sayyidina Jibreel Alaihis Salam.

The commandment from Allah for Muslims to fast is revealed in the 183rd verse of the Surah Al Baqarah in the Holy Quran.

“O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that ye may (learn) self-restraint.”

Detailed information regarding the Commandments to Fast can be found here.

Will be updating this post after this. Stay tuned.

Surviving these End Times


Isn’t it obvious that those ruling over us today are not really too bothered about upholding the Trust @ ‘Amanah’ that is enjoined upon those who are seeking the power and authority to rule a nation?

Over here in Malaysia, the very person who is the Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Government stands accused of misappropriating quite a huge amount of funds that should otherwise be used to prosper the nation.

The way certain key figures who were starting investigations into the matter were unceremoniously removed from their positions and yes men appointed as their replacements. Lately we saw, a ruling Menteri Besar who had done no grievous wrong be pressured to resign and was replaced with one who has no track record of being useful in the progress and development of the state in concern.

Amanah @ Trust is so missing from our country today. An obvious Sign of these End Times. The Prophet told us that in the days preceding Doomsday, we wll be ruled by those who are amongst the worst from the people.

That prophecy of Khatamun Nabiyyi, Muhammad Sal Mustafa, Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam has come to pass. Be prepared to survive on our own. Trust not those who will not even blink in sacrificing us just to protect their interests.

Each of us need to be self-sufficient and take care of our needs and wants by ourselves.

21st century Muslim ~ Knows the past, deals with current problems!

Chapter Two

Muslims are currently being the most vilified people on Earth yet at the same time draw hundreds of thousands if not millions of people into our fold. Those who were Disbelievers before this but are so very curious to find out more about Islam by either checking out the hundreds of websites sharing information about Islam and attending talks and lectures by prominent Callers to Islam such as the popular Dr.Hj.Zakir Naik, Abdur Raheem Greene, Syeikh Yusuf Estes, Sheikh Khalid Yasin, Sheikh Hamza Yusuf and many others.

To those of us who are living in these times where the human advancements in the field of Science & Technology has in a way brought people closer through the advent of the worldwide internet network of digital websites and telecommunication technologies, learning about the oceans of knowledge and information stored online and accessible by wired and wireless connections.

We are truly living in a time of both the good, the bad and the ugly side of humankind which has elevated human society in one way and also destroyed it in another. In countries which have a fair amount of development, proper infrastructure and good telecommunications, utilizing the internet network has become part and parcel of our daily lives and we often surf the web through our mobile smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop personal computers.

With just a click of a button, we are able to seek information about anything through our telecommunication gadgets and devices in a split second. Information that before this would have taken the Seeker of Knowledge months if not years to learn and discover is now made available instantly through the trillions of digital files stored extensively in the archives of the webservers.

People of before who lived in times yearned for messages or news about some important matters or incidents that would take much time to be delivered to its intended recipients now take just a few seconds to be displayed in full, vivid color to the seeking eyes of modern day mankind. We today are so fortunate to be able to access and use all these modern technological telecommunication marvels yet many of us at times do abuse and misuse all these.

Instead of using the internet to enrich ourselves with useful knowledge and information, many of us waste away our precious times by surfing on websites that only cloud our judgments and contaminate our souls. Instead of utilizing the web to spread the Truth about Islam and to help others learn about their birthrights to be fellow true servants of Allah, we get bogged down with wasteful squabbles and strife amongst ourselves in matters involving disruptive politics, religious and racial tensions.

Surely, we should know better than to argue with those who are fools and recalcitrants! There is a famous saying:

Do not argue with a fool

At times, we would good naturedly pass a comment on a discussion online or give our opinion sincerely but then like clockwork some idiot or mindless fool would come and insult us or ridicule us for no rhyme or reason.

Should we entertain such uncouth buffoons?

Surely not! Just learn to walk away from that unnecessary encounter and remove our self from that online discussion or thread. It’s just not worth our precious time. Let the fools occupy themselves with such needless banter or squabbles. We have much more better things to do than to argue with such idiots. Period.

On the authority of Abu Musa al-Ash’aari (Radhiallahu Anhu), the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam said:

“The likeness of a righteous friend and an evil friend, is the likeness of a (musk) perfume seller and a blacksmith. As for the perfume seller, he may either bestow something on you, or you may purchase something from him, or you may benefit from his sweet smell. And as for the blacksmith, he may either burn your clothes, or you may be exposed to his awful smell.”

Therefore it is incumbent upon us 21st century Muslims to pick and choose with whom we keep company or become friends with in order to keep our sanity and self-respect. If you want to be one who is knowledgeable then mix or keep company with those who are learned in matters concerning our Deen of Al Islam and learn to engage only with those who might benefit you with their righteous knowledge or they from yours.

We should not get ourselves entangled with matters that are of no concern to us or detrimental to our well being or that of the Ummah and general human society in which we live in. The current world is already chockful of crazy trouble makers and social instigators. True knowledgeable Muslims need not add themselves to the mess.

We should help uphold justice and the truth. We are duty bound by Allah’s Commandment to us to ‘ Invite all (mankind) to the Way of thy Lord (Islam) with beautiful preaching and ways that are best and most gracious!’ This is the meaning of the verse in Surah An Nahl, Chapter 16 Verse 125 in the Glorious Qur’an.

We must master whatever forms of technology and fields of knowledge that will help us to share the Truth about Islam with those who are hungry for the Love and Mercy of Allah the Most Compassionate and Most Merciful. Remember! We are due to stand before Him on the Day of Judgment in the Yaum al Akhirat.

Being a true servant of Allah in current times. Is it possible?

Chapter One

When we come across news reports of Muslims everywhere being faced with extreme challenges by those who hate them purely for the fact that the Muslim worships Allah, the Unseen God and live a spartan life avoiding all the forbidden items and acts which the Kaffirs @ the Disbelievers enjoy in this earthly realm, the question arises whether we can stay true to our faith?

It all depends on the strength of faith of each individual Muslim, male or female and as to what the particular Muslim has come to learn and profess about Al Islam? This conviction or grasp of Iman @ Faith and Aqeedah @ Creed of the Muslim differs from person to person.

Not everyone has the tenacity and strength in him or herself to hold firmly on to their belief in Allah and the prophet-hood of Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam. As we come to the age of understanding and learn about our faith, each of us will in a way start believing in Allah and the Prophet Muhammad according to our own level of intellect and knowledge. What one understands about the attributes of Allah depends on one’s own level of comprehension.

A rational Muslim ought to know the difference between his or her own ideas about Allah and what Allahu Ta’ala describes about Himself!

To know about Allah, the simplest way would be to study the Glorious Qur’an. In Surah Al Ikhlas, Chapter 112 Verses 1 to 4. Allah commands Prophet Muhammad to tell the Unbelievers that He, Allah is One.

That Allah is Eternal (Absolute). That He @ Allah was not born nor did He Beget and that there is nothing whatsoever liken unto Him!

The Chapter of Sincerity.

The Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam ~ Peace be upon him) spent 13 long years in Makkah just preaching to the pagan Arabian Quraysh merchant tribe to which he belonged about worshiping Allah, the One True God and not to the numerous idols that they had strayed into false worship over the years since the times of Prophet Ibrahim ~ Abraham Alaihis Salam.

13 long years just calling the pagan Arabs to worship Allah and nothing else. The commandment to pray was not revealed yet. Just coming to terms that ‘There is no God but Allah’ and that ‘Muhammad was Allah’s Last and Final Messenger!

The Blessed Prophet didn’t call upon the Arabs of Makkah to idolize or worship him but only to come to terms that only Allah the Almighty deserves to be worshiped! History records the Holy Messenger of Allah to have refused the offer to be made a King over the Arabs throughout the Arabian Peninsular and all other offers of riches and beautiful women as his reward provided he gives up calling the people to believe in the One True God!

For 4745 days and nights, Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam’s mission in calling his fellow Makkah pagan Qurayshi Arabs to attest that ‘There’s no other God worthy of Worship save for Allah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem. Allah the Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.

13 long insufferable years where he faced the most recalcitrant, most stubborn, argumentative, quarrelsome Arabs whose atrocities against the Mercy of Allah for the entire Universes were at times so unmentionable! I dare say that none of us mankind today would be willing to stay so patient, so true to this mission to convey the Truth of al Islam to others as what our Blessed Prophet of Allah did.

When he was forced to migrate and escape to Yathrib which later came to be known as Madinah al Munawwarah with his closest Sahabah @ Companion Sayyidina Abu Bakr As Siddiq, he spent another 10 long years in teaching the Muslims about how to live life as Believers in Almighty Allah and perfected the Revelations from Allah Azza Wa Jalla for us who strive daily to become Abdullah’s @ true servants of Allah!

There’s no other true faith from Allah that exists to this day except for Islam. We just need to know and learn as to which are right and what are false? Always refer to just the true authentic teachings of Muhammad Khatamun Nabiyyi and refrain from following latter-day false prophets or syaikhs.

Click here to watch a BBC documentary about the most celebrated Messenger of Allah the Most Loving Creator of us all.

Faith in Allah will not be established if one does not learn from what the Messenger of Allah relayed to us. If one wants to learn about Allah then one must learn about Allah from he whom Allah the Supreme Creator sent to us as our Guide.

The Glorious Quran is the Verbatim Final Guidance from Allah our Lord Most High and is the absolute Last Testament and Scripture from Ar Rahman for us to refer to in knowing how to live this earthly existence and in the Akhirat ~ Hereafter.

Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam was the living embodiment of the Glorious Quran and his example came to be known as his Sunnah. Every Muslim worthy of the title must study and learn all that he or she possibly can in this life. True Mukmins must also practice the Sunnah of the Blessed Messenger to the best of their abilities and learn not to innovate or deviate from the authentic practices of Muhammad al Mustafa, the chosen one.

To learn this, one can go here to read up about the compilation of the Prophet’s Sayings which are known as the Hadiths. The website has the entire collections and compilations of the Examples of the Prophet, His Sayings and anything related to the religious practices in Al Islam.

We must also learn to differentiate between what is a religious practice enjoined for in Islam and what are local customs and traditions of every individual society of humankind. We are humans but we differ from one another by our selfs, our traditions, our customs, our food, our drinks and the way we view anything.

Muslims here in Malaysia live differently from those in Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, Africa, United States of America, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Burma, Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, China and even Indonesia.

The way we do things are different from each other but in faith, we bow to the One Supreme Creator, Allahu Ta’ala. So, for one to liken all Muslims as one would be inaccurate. Yes, we are One Ummah but when looked at closer we can see some differences. Which are mostly with regard to the customs, social traditions and cultures which gives us our own separate identities. Our languages are different. Yet our unifying language of faith is Arabic.


No matter who we are, when we pray to Allah, we pray in Arabic. We might not be fluent in Arabic or be able to speak and converse in it but when we Ruqu’ @ bow down to Allah, we recite the same praises, ‘Subhana Rabbiyal Adzhimi Wabihamdih!’ All praises be to Allah the Most Powerful!

When we Sujood @ Prostrate before Allah, we recite ‘Subhana Rabbiyal Aq’la Wabihamdih!’ All praises be to Allah, Lord Most High!

That my dear brothers and sisters is the same throughout the entire Universes.


Akhie Naim ~ Respons kepada Aisyah Tajudin

Rasanya ramai yang tidak setuju atau tidak sanggup pun dengan hukuman ‘bakar’ atau ‘rogol’ terhadap Aisyah, gadis BFM yang bodoh itu. Cuma, kita kena faham bahawa kata-kata kesat dan ancaman kasar terhadap Aisyah itu datangnya daripada perbuatan Aisyah sendiri. Jangan salahkan mereka yang marah itu. Mari kita ubah sedikit senario untuk memahaminya;

Katakan ada seseorang yang normal (bukan orang gila) menghina ibu kita. Cukup dengan kata-kata: “Wey, mak kau bodoh sangat kenapa?”

Sebagai seseorang yang normal, apakah kita akan:
A) memukul orang itu
B) memarahi atau menghina kembali orang itu
C) bersabar dan berlapang dada
D) tersenyum sahaja dan memaafkan orang itu

Saya rasa, semua orang yang normal akan bertindak mengikut pilihan A atau B. Betul?

Kenapa? Kerana maruah. Apabila seseorang yang mulia di sisi kita, dalam contoh di atas ibu kita, dihina dan dicerca maka sudah tentu sifat marah dalam diri kita akan bangkit – dan ini bukan sikap yang keji tetapi terpuji kerana dengan marah itulah kita akan mampu mempertahankan kemuliaan.

Dalam Islam, setiap satu yang wujud ada kedudukannya yang tersendiri. Orang bukan Islam tidak akan mampu memahami hal ini kerana susunan seperti ini tidak ada dalam agama mereka. Dalam Islam, kedudukan Allah, Rasulullah dan para ulama itu tertinggi, lebih tinggi daripada ibubapa kita sendiri, lebih tinggi daripada professor universiti atau bekas professor universiti.

Maka, jika ibubapa (atau anak) kita dihina kita marah, TERLEBIH WAJARLAH apabila Allah, Rasulullah atau para ulama dihina kita marah.

Kalau kau mempertahankan kata-kata kau atas dasar “freedom of speech”, maka kau tidak boleh salahkan aku kalau aku kata: “Mak dan bapak kau bangang eh?”. It’s “freedom” of speech, isn’t it…

Terbitan semula dari blog Ahli MBA : http://akhienaim.blogspot.com/2015/03/respon-kepada-aisyah-tajuddin.html

Dates Vinegar ~ Sunnah Food that works wonders!

I attended a Halal Fest recently which was held at the Mines International Exhibition & Expo Centre. It is located near the famous Mines Resort, Seri Kembangan. Selangor.

There were all kinds of foodstuff and products being sold and among the booths that I stopped at was a stall that was promoting Sunnah foods. Sunnah means the example of the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

The booth which attracted my attention was owned by MB Global Marketing and their brand name was nr`bashirah.

They were promoting Dates Vinegar, Manna and other food products which were among the diet of the Blessed Prophet.

The owner of the business is Haji Mohd Basri bin Ramli. He is also known as ‘Pak Ngah‘.

Haji Basri shared with me as to how he came to be involved with this business?

Haji Basri had been suffering from lethargy and sought a remedy for his constantly being tired and listless. A friend recommended him to take date vinegar as a daily supplement and Haji Basri followed his friend’s advice.

Within a few days after taking Dates Vinegar in his diet, Haji Basri soon discovered that he was no longer feeling as tired as he was before and an overall improvement in his health.

Amongst the benefits of taking Dates Vinegar are that it is good for relieving :

Dates Vinegar is also beneficial to women. It
The benefits of consuming Dates Vinegar are quite numerous and even Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam. A famous saying @ hadith attributed to Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam encouraging the consuming of vinegar is : ‘Jabir b. ‘Abdullah reported that Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) asked his family for condiment. They (the members of his household) said: We have nothing with us but vinegar. He asked for it, he began to eat it, and then said: Vinegar is a good condiment, vinegar is a good condiment.’
The Dates Vinegar being sold by Haji Basri is in the form of ready to consume pre-mixed ‘Khall @ Dates Vinegar added with extracts of raisins, habbatus sauda and honey plus virgin coconut oil.
Another product which I have tested and found to be beneficial is ‘Khall Manna’. This is a mix of Dates Vinegar, honey and Arabic Gum ( Manna).
Those who would like to try out these beneficial food products can contact Haji Basri via :

MB Global Marketing (IP0316583-U)

No 16 & 16A, Persiaran Dataran Iskandar 1,
Bandar Seri Iskandar,
32610 Seri Iskandar, Perak

Email : admin@cukakurma.net

Tel : 05-3714211
Fax : 05-3714217

Waktu Operasi: Isnin hingga Jumaat : 9.00 pagi – 6.00 petang

013 586 7559
013 521 1492
013 480 6780

May you benefit by taking such Sunnah foods. Insya Allah.

Sindiket Peminta Sedekah ‘Tolong Kami! Bantu Kami!’ oleh OBEE

Tolong Kami! Bantu Kami!

Tolong kami! Bantu Kami!
Malaysia  merupakan satu negara makmur pada keseluruhannya dan kerana kurnia Allah swt ini lah kita rakyat Malaysia perlu sentiasa berdoa agar  Allah swt hindari kita dari kancah peperangan yang ganas maupun bencana alam yang teruk. Rata-rata rakyat negara ini  hidup selesa, sejahtera dan aman damai.

Namun demikian, satu keadaan yang merunsingkan, kita masih dapat melihat  kumpulan atau individu yang ke hulu dan ke hilir cuba mendapatkan bantuan derma untuk usaha kebajikan kononya bagi sesuatu persatuan atau badan kendalian mereka.

Perkara yang menimbulkan ketidak selesaan kepada kebanyakan kita adalah  kehadiran kumpulan-kumpulan atau individu yang  mengutip derma ini di bank-bank, kompleks dan ada kala ditempat awam.
Individu atau kumpulan secara strategik akan  berada dihadapan pintu masuk ke bank dengan tabung untuk mendapatkan sumbangan daripada pelanggan bank dan orang ramai yang berlaluan.

Antara mereka ini ialah wanita dan ada kala melibatkan kanak-kanak. Senario sebegini berlaku diseluruh negara dan keseluruhannya melibatkan orang Melayu.

Persoalan yang ingin diutarakan ialah siapa yang memantau perkara saperti ini? Apakah permit ada dikeluarkan dibawah undang pungutan derma dari rumah ke rumah ( House to house and Street collection Act 1947) oleh pihak Polis.
Saya percaya ini tak  berlaku kerana banyak persatuan atau badan-badan yang terlibat  kedudukan mereka mungkin tidak sah?
Bab  kutipan derma saperti ini semua di perjelaskan  dalam undang-undang tersebut diatas, tapi sedihnya undang-undang hanya tinggal undang-undang. Tanpa kawalan yang ketat perkara macam ini boleh di salah gunakan oleh pihak-pihak tertentu dan menimbulkan suasana yang mencurigakan dikalangan umum.

Selalunya  orang awam diletakkan dalam satu keadaan yang serba salah, memberi terasa salah kalau-kalau ini satu sindiket penipuan menggunakan anak yatim atau agama Islam sebagai alasan.

Mungkin juga boleh berlaku penyelewengan tentang dana yang diperolehi.Tidak menghulurkan derma pula boleh dianggap kedekut dan sebagainya. Jadi?

Kita lihat pengutip derma juga kebanyakan dari golongan remaja baik lelaki maupun perempuan yang sudah tentu ini boleh mengundang berbagai masalah  termasuk gangguan-gangguan lain.

Siapa yang patut bertanggong jawab?
Dalam situasi sebegini, pada hemat saya, adalah wajar setiap badan atau pertubuhan yang  perlu mengutip derma dan sumbangan saperti ini hendaklah merupakan  pertubuhan atau badan yang sah dari segi undang-undang dan  profesional.
Setiap pertubuhan atau badan  perlu ada jawatankuasanya dan seharusnya pertubuhan atau badan macam ini hendaklah berdaftar dengan pejabat agama di daerah masing-masing untuk mendapatkan pengiktirafan.
Dengan cara ini semua pertubuhan dan badan amal Islam dapat dipantau.Kalau mereka perlu wang  maka  bantuan boleh di pohon dari kutipan zakat mengikut ketetapan tentang pembahgian zakat menurut hukum syarak.

Bagi tujuan ini logik sekali  untuk  badan atau pertubuhan amal berkenaan  nengemukakan minit mesyuarat persatuan, kedudukan kewangan semasa mereka berkenaan aktiviti yang dijalankan atau di rancang sepanjang tahun serta perbelanjaan yang  terlibat.

Maka sekiranya badan yang berdaftar dengan pejabat agama ini kekurangan dana bagi perlaksanaan rancangan mereka maka saya fikir wajar mereka mendapat perhatian dari wang zakat dan tak perlulah mendedahkan pengutip derma dengan berbagai risiko yang negatif.
Kearah ini sudah tentu pihak Jabatan Agama berkenaan juga perlu menjalankan siasatan terperinci sebelum bantuan diberikan bagi memastikan pertubuhan atau badan berkenaan memang benar dan bergiat dalam aktiviti kebajikan sepanjang tahun dan jumlah kekurangan yang dipohon adalah menasabah bagi menampong biayaan persatuan atau badan berkenaan.
Bantuan ini  hanya kepada pertubuhan atau badan kebajikan Islam  dan yang berdaftar dengan Jabatan Agama Islam Negeri sahaja . Bagi yang lain adalah menjadi tanggongjawab kerajaan melalui Jabatan Kebajikan dan sebagainya.

Disebaliknya bagi pertubuhan atau badan kebajikan Islam yang tidak berdaftar samada dengan Pendaftar Pertubuhan atau Pejabat Agama maka tidak wajar mereka ini memohon bantuan sehingga mereka bertindak dengan ikhlas dan jujur.

Kadang terdapat lebih dari satu pertubuhan atau badan dalam daerah yang dekat maka adalah lebih baik dan berkesan sekiranya bergabung tenaga kearah satu matlamat yang sama.

Saya percayai zakat yang kutip setiap tahun oleh setiap negeri mampu untuk mengendalikan masalah yang timbul ini namun nampaknya macam tidak ada langsung usaha dibuat sehingga berlakulah masalah kutipan liar ini.

Pepatah Inggeris berbunyi “charity begins at home” atau kebajikan bermula dari rumah sendiri, maka bagi badan-badan Islam lain melibatkan bukan warga negara maka ini merupakan masalah berlainan.

Mungkin semua institiusi anak yatim atau orang miskin yang wujud dalam negara ini sedia terdaftar tetapi apakah pertubuhan dan badan begini mendapat perhatian  Jabatan Agama negeri masing-masing. Semua pertubuhan dan badan amal disetiap negeri dan daerah serta mukim perlu daftar pertubuhan kebajikan mereka sekiranya mereka ingin dapatkan apa bantuan kewangan menampong kekurangan dana yang dihadapi bagi melaksanakan aktiviti sepanjang tahun mereka.
Badan-badan ini juga mesti diterajui oleh mereka yang amanah dan bukan yang oleh mereka yang hendak mencari popularity dan untong menggunakan pertubuhan untuk kepentingan diri sendiri.

Mahu tak mahu semua badan dan pertubuhan Islam harus bertindak dengan profesional agar dihormati oleh orang lain dan dapat meningkatkan wibawa persatuan atau badan berkenaan.

Pengurusan yang cekap dengan kendalian kewangan yang bijak adalah asas penting. Sekiranya benar-benar perlu bantuan kerana kekurangan sahaja maka wang dari zakat boleh dipohon selepas semua syarat diperolehi untuk menampong kekurangan yang dihadapi masing-masing.
Sebelum perkara yang tidak diingini berlaku maka masalah ini perlu di pantau dan peraturan yang ketat dikenakan supaya  dapat hindar dari persatuan atau badan yang ‘haram’ daripada wujud dan menjalankan aktiviti kutipan yang mana langkah ini memang memalukan masyarakat Islam khasnya dan Melayu amnya.
Mungkin ada pendapat lain yang dapat menangani masalah ini. Saya sekadar menyumbang pendapat bagi mengelak pandangan serong umum terhadap agama kita.

‘Market talk – what some people talk about?’ by HAK55

Wet Market

Hussaini Abdul Karim
Sometimes, on Saturdays, I accompany my wife to go to the wet market at Section 16 in Shah Alam and I will have my breakfast besides reading the newspapers whist waiting for her to complete her weekly marketing.
Normally, my wife joins me for breakfast before we leave for home, like this morning. There are many different types of food to choose from; nasi lemak, rati canai, lontong, mee rebus, goreng pisang,assorted kuehs, etc. They are not just good, they are also quite cheap. Drinks, either hot or cold, are available at less than the price of the same items at mamak eating shops. On certain days, there’s also entertainment kara – o – ke style with the resident DJ singing the songs, mostly very popular 60s Pop Yeh Yeh Malay songs and once a while you will have same courageous members of the public singing too. I sometimes sing too,  English and Malay classic rock songs of the 70s and the 80s, when my wife is not nearby.

Last Saturday morning at the market, whilst having breakfast, I overhead a discussion about history between two very senior citizens who were seated next to me, both waiting for their wives doing their marketing, I believe. I listened to their conversations and found the discussion very interesting and I could relate to what they both were talking about. One of them said that he is disappointed that students now are not taught the real history but what they are taught is actually ‘alam manusia’(humanities). He said that anyone aged 50 or below are not learning the right things as far as history is concerned and hopes that this is corrected soon.

“Facts are distorted and nobody bothers to check on their accuracy,” according to him. From the way he talks, he must have been a teacher before.

He commented on Sir Stamford Raffles whom he thought was a visionary besides being a statesman and a scientist (botanist) who has a flower, the very smelly Rafflesia, named after him and continued to say that he was also responsible for the commercialisation of rubber in Singapore and Malaya and had developed the Port of Singapore as an important entreport.

“Who do you think was the first person who romanised the Malay language?” he asked his friend. After waiting for a few minutes without receiving any answer from his friend, he said: “It was R J Wilkinson (I thought it was Winstedt?) and not Zaaba like many thought. His friend just smiled at that.

Further, he thought that it is a shame that the government needed to bring in teachers from the USA to teach our students English. He said, “I am sure there are many excellent English writers and speakers in the country and if the government really tries, I am sure many will come forward to volunteer their services. They may be old but they are still very useful”. He fears that some of the foreign teachers that the government brings in may be either CIA or KGB agents, spies like what you see in James Bond movies.

“Do you know that Malays was controlled by the communist for 14 days?”
he asked.

“Yes,” answered his friend.

Seated on the same table with me was another senior citizen and his young son and after exchanging the normal greetings, he began to lament about the lack of discipline of people, especially young people today, and began his comments by saying that many like to throw rubbish indiscriminately; from inside the car to the roads they are driving on, into rivers and drains, for example, and everywhere else.

“How can we ever keep our rivers clean?” he commented.

“Just look at this market, it’s dirty with rubbish strewn everywhere,
this is typical Malaysia,” he said.

He said, “I am sure they are taught cleanliness and not to litter indiscriminately at home by their parents, at school by their teachers and at work by their peers but still they litter”.

“It must be due to the lack of discipline and the lack of enforcement”, he continued.

He said he has a nephew who works with one of the bigger government agencies in the country who, according to him, is corrupt. They come to work at 8:00 a.m. and by 8.30 am they haven’t even started working and when they do after that, by 9:30, they go missing again to have their almost two-hour morning coffee break and nobody bothers, because their bosses also do that.  At 4:00 p.m. they go missing again and this time for their tea break and by the time they get back to their
respective counters, it’s almost the end of the working day already.

“Like that, how can they serve the public efficiently?” he asked.

When confronted about his corrupt practices, his nephew told him that all the others do it and if he didn’t do the same, he will be ostracised by his colleagues. Peer pressure, it seems.

About the situation at our markets he says, ‘Look, even markets are segregated, not just schools. There are markets for Malays/Muslims and there are markets for non-Muslims. Like that, how can we be like 1Malaysia.

A young man joined us after over hearing our conversation and gave his take on the situation of Malaysian cars to day. Commenting on the new Perodua Myvi car models he asked, “Are these cars safe to drive?”

“Just look into the engine compartment, there’s no reinforcement at all, if one is to crash head on, it’s finished!” he says. We just smiled and left after that.

“My friend just bought one, the SE 1.5 twin cam model and he had a workshop installed reinforcement bars at a cost of RM600 to make sure that the car is safe to drive,” he told us.

“I know they want to make a lot of profits, but definitely they should
not do that at our expense!” he grumbled.

“Don’t they ever crash-test those cars?” he asked.

Suddenly, my wife appeared from nowhere and sat next to me and the conversations stopped abruptly. She ordered a bowl of mee rebus and teh – o and as soon as she finished her breakfast, we left for home and had me thinking about the things common people say every day.

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Non-Muslims supporting Muslims: What do Divorce, Death & Deen have in common?

J. Samia MairBy J. Samia Mair, Baltimore Muslim Examiner

When I practiced law in a large firm, a mentor told me that death and divorce reveal a person’s ‘true colors’. I found this to be the case more often than not. Some people are magnanimous in the face of tragedy, thinking of others before themselves. Other people use the opportunity to vent their hatred and resentment, as if pain is an excuse to say or do as one wants. Recent events suggest that a third category can be added—namely, the deen.

Muslims refer to Islam as a “deen” not a religion. Deen is a broader term and has been translated as a “way of life,” based on submission and obedience to our Creator. Like death and divorce, the deen, or Islam, triggers a response in many. The mere mention of Islam today can reveal a person’s true colors.

Take for instance the now infamous and ongoing controversy over Park51, the proposed Islamic center in lower Manhattan. It has allowed many closet Islam-haters to come out, believing that they now have a legitimate excuse to express their hatred, even if couched in what they believe are socially-acceptable arguments. Across this nation, mosques and other Islamic centers are being challenged, encouraged by the vocal and sometimes prominent opponents of the project. The controversy surrounding Park51 also has provided the impetus for hate crimes.

Yet, look at all the non-Muslims supporting the rights of Muslims to be guaranteed to the same rights as every other American. I personally have been contacted by several friends to let me know how “appalled” and “dismayed” they are over recent events. Many can’t believe this is America. Many do not like where the conversation is heading.

Where does the expression “true colors” come from? The answer may be found in the Qur’an. Several verses in the Qur’an mention the various colors of creation. For example,

And among His Signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the variations in your languages and your colors: verily in that are Signs for those who know. (30:22)

Seest thou not that Allah sends down rain from the sky? With it We then bring out produce of various colors. And in the mountains are tracts white and red, of various shades of color, and black intense in hue. And so amongst men and crawling creatures and cattle, are they of various colors. Those truly fear Allah, among His Servants, who have knowledge: for Allah is Exalted in Might, Oft-Forgiving. (35:27-28)

Islam teaches that God (swt) is unique and one but reveals Himself through His many names and attributes. And just as a rainbow reveals the many colors of light from the sun, each part of creation reveals aspects of our Creator and ourselves. In other words, although we originate from pure light, we each display our own true colors.


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